2023 Year in Review Infographic Teaser Image

2023 Year in Review

2023 was another successful year for the Rainwater Construction Company. Check out this infographic for some of the highlights.

Regional Weather Events

Regional Weather Events

Severe weather events always grab our attention, and the Atlanta area is certainly not immune. The construction industry has to pay attention to these weather factors in selecting materials, calculating costs, and creating construction timelines.

Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week, 2023

It’s Women in Construction Week, and we celebrate all women across the globe making contributions to this industry! In particular, we’d like to acknowledge one woman: our fearless leader, and company Vice President, Maryna Hudgins.

2022 Year in Review

The Rainwater Construction Company 2022 Year in Review

Here at the Rainwater Construction Company, we like to spend the first month of the new year preparing and setting goals – both on an individual and professional level. Part of that effort includes reflecting on the past year – our successes, our growth, and the challenges we confronted. Out of that exercise, we came up with some highlights we’d like to share.

Jobsite Safety

In Focus – Jobsite Safety

Effective jobsite safety begins before the workday starts—through comprehensive worker training and communication. Employees must be taught basic safety measures, such as wearing appropriate gear, proper use of ladders and scaffolding, and how to handle tools and equipment.