How to Improve Productivity on a Jobsite

How to Improve Job Productivity

Since the dawn of the industrial age, automation and improved processes have made the work we do more efficient—a trend that has continued to the present day …The construction industry, however, has not always kept pace with that trend.

Vehicle Assembly Line

Tech Industry Fuels a Georgia Construction Boom

Georgia offers a number of incentives that make it very attractive for companies seeking a friendly business environment… In addition, many county and municipal governments provide their own incentives to attract industries to their regions. It also helps that Georgia has the fifth-lowest cost of living in the United States. Put all that together, and it’s no surprise that 19 Fortune 500 companies make their homes in the Peach State.


Digitalization in the Construction Process

It’s easy to think of construction as the very opposite of digital industries—since it’s all about building physical structures rather than filling up a computer screen. But in fact, digitalization is already revolutionizing many aspects of construction and promises to do so much more in the future.

rezoning map

Rezoning & Commercial Construction

The economic challenges facing the country as a whole may have observers gritting their teeth, but Atlanta and the surrounding regions represent an economic microcosm all their own. And the prospects for continued growth—particularly in the commercial construction field—remain strong. A big factor in that growth is the way property is zoned.

Regional Weather Events

Regional Weather Events

Severe weather events always grab our attention, and the Atlanta area is certainly not immune. The construction industry has to pay attention to these weather factors in selecting materials, calculating costs, and creating construction timelines.