Jobsite Safety

In Focus – Jobsite Safety

Effective jobsite safety begins before the workday starts—through comprehensive worker training and communication. Employees must be taught basic safety measures, such as wearing appropriate gear, proper use of ladders and scaffolding, and how to handle tools and equipment.

Smart Building Design

Smart Building Design

In the twenty-first century, we’ve become used to having technological tools that do a lot of our work for us. We use smart technology in everything from our cars to our cellphones. How much more important is it to apply it in the places we live and work in?

atlanta commercial construction market

2022 Predictions for the Atlanta Commercial Construction Market

As the United States economy continues to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, many industry professionals are asking how this unprecedented period of time will affect the construction industry. Read on to find out which sectors are seeing a construction boom and what factors are posing a challenge to the Atlanta commercial construction market in 2022.